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Sebastian Buerkner

17 Dec - 31 Jan

Sebastian Buerkner - Chimera of M and recent works
Cube gallery and around Phoenix

Phoenix presents an exhibition of new and recent work by Sebastian Buerkner, one of the most exciting and innovative artists working with animation today.

Sebastian Buerkner’s intricate and starkly beautiful films are painstakingly drawn using computer software, creating layers and fragments of imagery, shape and colour.

Sebastian’s work explores the nature of film and moving image – its structure and language and the way it can alter our perceptions of space, time and the world around us.

In the Cube gallery, a 3D animated film The Chimera of M flashes between the real and surreal, whilst on the video screens in the cafebar That’s Your Dog tells the story of a life through a stream of snapshots. The exhibition continues with Realm Pins, a journey cut up and retold in a series of stripes.

Sebastian Buerkner trained as a painter but now works exclusively in digital animation. He has widely exhibited in solo and group shows internationally. Born in Germany, he lives and works in London.

Commissioned by FLAMIN Productions through Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network with funding from Arts Council England.  Supported by Phoenix and the Elephant Trust.

Artwork Guide:

Cafebar Video screens

That’s Your Dog
2012, HD Video

A stream of animated snapshots reveals the high points of somebody’s life: a witness commenting on a patchwork of emblematic, obscured scenes. The protagonist, in intimate conversation with an absent listener, reflects on each image, attempting to reveal its significance.

His speech is littered with mannerisms, appropriating impersonal ad-like slogans and third person narration. He is unreliable: each anecdote, visual vignette, sound element, musical refrain and passage of dialogue distorts itself in the random progression of sound over image.

That’s Your Dog is the continuation of an ongoing investigation into the nature of film and how it can be subverted.

Foyer Glass Screen

Realm Pins
2009, Video

In Realm Pins computer animated objects act as witnesses and players across a number of parallel universes, affected and agitated as they take on unexpected roles

In these parallel universes, banal household objects and everyday scenes are made alien: bizarrely colourful and abstract, looking like moving 1980s airbrush art. The worlds shift in and out of view via shifting animated planes.

Cube Gallery

The Chimera of M
2012, 3D Stereoscopic Film

The Chimera of M is a 3D stereoscopic film created using digital animation. Sebastian is one of the few artists experimenting with 3D film. He was inspired to begin using this medium after watching Werner Herzog’s ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’.

In The Chimera of M, a story is being told from the viewpoint of an ambiguous, first person narrator, exploring themes of longing, intimacy, loss, aspiration, lust, and identity. The film utilises the visual possibilities of the 3D viewing experience to immerse the spectator into a world that rotates between the real and surreal.